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SamtaMed – Intensive Hand Care Cream


Carton of 12

  • Intensive care cream
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Instant absorption
  • Leaves no greasy residue on skin’s surface
  • Supports the skin’s rejuvenation with innovative papaya-ATP-complex
  • Practical 75 ml tube
  • Appearance: white cream
  • pH-value skin neutral 5.5

SamtaMed is a hand cream (oil-in-water-emulsion, O/W), that provides instant and longlasting care for extremely damaged and sensitive hands. The innovative formula is a combination of compatible ingredients with a large amount of Glycerine, ATP and high-quality extracts from papaya. This optimal formula soothes damaged and stressed skin. The skin is moisturized for an extended period of time, strengthened and protected.

Area of application:

SamtaMed hand care cream can be applied to the whole body, especially to areas that require instant moisturizing and care. SamtaMed provides sensitive, damaged and stressed hands with intense moisture and helps the skin’s natural rejuvenation process and protects the skin from environmental influences. SamtaMed can be used in all areas of working life.


Before the application of SamtaMed, hands must be washed and thoroughly dried. Rub approx. 1 ml of SamtaMed into hands (and between fingers and on nail bed) and allow product to absorb. SamtaMed is also suitable for use on the face.


Product Sheet: Download here
Data Sheet: Download here

00583 Cartoon of 12 x 100 ml tubes


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