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Pero Chlor – Chlorine-Based Special Cleaner and Mildew Remover


• Bleaching cleaning
• Easily removes even the most stubborn grease / oil and protein contaminants
• Good adhesion, thus intensive cleaning effect
• Easy to rinse off
• Effective removal of black mold


Area of Application:

For alkaline-resistant surfaces and objects in the sanitary and wet area (e.g. in sanitary rooms, shower rooms, spa, swimming pool areas and sports halls) and food processing
industry (e.g. kitchens, cold rooms). Cleans, bleaches and deodorises, all in one operation.
Effectively removes black stains from fungal attack and stops the formation
of unpleasant odours in gullies, siphons and trash cans.


Make sure coarse dirt is removed first. The 1-5% solution comes with a
Special foam device (e.g. HD device with foam device, foam gun, low-pressure foam machine). There is also the option to use PERO CHLOR Intensive Cleaner. Apply manually with a 5-10% solution using a cloth, pad, sponge or a pressure sprayer.
For persistent contamination in toilets and drains apply concentrated. After the exposure time (about 10 - 20 minutes), the surfaces and objects should be thoroughly rinsed with drinking quality water.


Do not use with acidic products. Test the material compatibility on a small spot first. Coloured textiles can become bleached when in contact with the product. Application solution for an immediate use. Always keep the product covered.


Product Sheet: Download here
Data Sheet: Download here

36138 Cartoon of 2 x 1 litres


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