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Milizid Citrofresh – Professional Sanitary Cleaner and Disinfectant


  • Eco-friendly sanitary room cleaning product with natural acids
  • Guaranteed freshness throughout the sanitary room
  • Unique fragrance experience
  • Contains lime block formula – prevents rapid re-soiling
  • Also applicable in spray cleaning (soft foam)
  • RK listed (pure)
  • 100 g contain 0.9 g of lactic acid.

Area of application:

Apply for removal of common contamination related to daily-usage of sanitary rooms and toilets. For professional use only.


Apply to fittings, sinks, bathtubs and toilet bowls undiluted. After a short reaction time, rinse with clear water. Note: Fully fold up the toilet seat before application. Pre-rinse joints. Rinse with cold, clear water.

Maintenance cleaning:

  • Manual and machine cleaning of acid-resistant floors and walls: 0.25% - 2.5%
  • Manual cleaning of acid-proof inventory: 0.25% - 2.5%


Product Sheet: Download here
Data Sheet: Download here


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