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Milifee – Ready-To-Use Sanitary Cleaner and Limescale Remover


  • Completely autonomous sanitary maintenance cleaning on account of ready-to-use application
  • Reduction of set-up and travel times
  • Absolute user-friendliness
  • Complaint-free maintenance cleaning
  • For all surfaces in sanitary facilities
  • With special run-off effect, limescale and dirt block formula
  • Registered for RK-listing (pure)
  • Excellently suited for soft foam cleaning
  • Produces high-gloss surfaces without requiring leather buffing
  • Preserves chromium, plastic material surfaces, acid proof tiles, mirrors, china, ceramics and enamel according to DIN ISO 2722 under normal application conditions
  • Guarantees modern and exclusive room freshness

Area of application:

Suitable for effective cleaning of all acid-resistant materials, such as mirrors, chromium, plastic material, china, ceramic. To remove daily sanitary room soiling due to use.


Spray product concentrated on clean, absorbent, dry cloth and work on the surface to be cleaned. Touch up using fresh water, if required. Registered for RK-listing.


Always test compatibility of materials on inconspicuous locations. Do not apply on surfaces sensitive to acids and solvents. Do not inhale spray mist.

Maintenance Cleaning:

Spray cleaning - Undiluted


Product Sheet: Download here
Data Sheet: Download here

30354 Cartoon of 6 x 500 ml spray bottles
30357 Canister 10 l


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